Tuesday, June 4, 2013

30 Days of Grilling

Well I know I have not exactly been the worlds most reliable blogger lately, but I am back and ready to post my heart out.
Summer Grilling is perhaps my favorite form of cooking. There is almost nothing you can't grill,  I'm sure my affinity for grilling stems back to my easy going, outdoor loving Australian roots, just the smell of starter coals is enough to bring back so many childhood memories, for me the words "long weekend" roughly translated into Australian are "Throw a snag on the "Barbie". Whether its at the public parks or home, Barbecuing family, social and cultural event.
Note:awesome 80's hair and sunglasses
Fast-forward to present day Utah! To celebrate the snow finally thawing, birds chirping and weeds blooming I am going to be posting  30 days of  tried and loved grilling recipes. you heard me...30 recipes! Now they might not be everyones cup of tea but I am sure there will be at least 1 recipe you will use again and again just like me.

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  1. AWESOME!!!! and that 80's haircut and hungryjack's sunglasses were just as awesome!! Mmmm, burgers by the pool up at Noosa!!
    Thanks for bringing it back Beck!!

    and i love that pic of Jason by the barbie!!