Tuesday, December 22, 2009


This non alcoholic version of the festive drink got a huge two thumbs up from my kids and husband!. Gently cook to ensure no bacteria from the eggs, you will never drink the store bought again!


6 egg yolks

2 1/2 cups whole milk

1/3 cup sugar

1 tsp vanilla

1 cup heavy whipping cream

1 tbs sugar

ground nutmeg


Beat the egg yolks, add the sugar and continue to beat until they start to lighten in colour.In a large saucepan mix the egg yolks and milk until well incorporated. Heat in medium low heat and stir constantly. Allow this to heat slowly for approx 10 minutes or until it coats the back of a spoon. Do not allow it to boil or simmer. Place the pan in a sink or bowl of ice water and stir for 2 minutes. Sitr in vanilla. Cover and chill in fridge for at least 4 or up to 24 hours.

When ready to serve whip cream in a mixing bowl and 1 tbsp sugar until peaks form. Transfer chilled egg mixture to a punch bowl. set aside a spoon of cream for each cup and then fold in the rest of the cream to the egg mixture.

Pour into cup and top with a dollop of cream and sprinkle a pinch of nutmeg on each serving.

Melting Moments Bickies

These small melt in your mouth sugar packed bickies, are the christmas tradition in my house. Making them at this time of year just seems to make them that much more special to my family and friends. Originally I kept this recipe a secret but gradually over the last couple of years I have learnt to share the joy! put them in a cute little box with a ribbon and you have the perfect christmas gift!
Note: this recipe takes patience and can be temperamental. Take the time to ensure you have exact ingredients, and that your butter is really well softened to room temperature. If you double the batch you run a much higher risk of it not turning out (it has worked about 50% for me when I double it). You are better off just making one batch at a time to ensure it will always be perfect.
1/4 cup icing sugar (powdered sugar)--do not pack it down.
3/4 cup plain flour (just shy of this is perfect. I have learnt if you go over this at all it will not work)
1/4 cup custard powder ( this is available in the "gello"/pudding section of your supermarket. Should be in a little tub)
6 0z salted butter

Pre-heat oven to 355 F ( 180c)
Cream butter, slowly add the custard powder, constantly scraping down the sides of your mixer. Then gradually whip in the icing sugar. while mixing gradually spoon in the flour.
Using a freezer zip lock bag, cut off the tip to use for piping. spoon in the cookie mixture.
Lightly spray a cookie sheet with non stick spray and then lightly wipe it with a paper towel. You want the tray to be just barely oiled since the cookies are butter based!.
Pipe 1 or 2 on the tray and do a test run to see how long you will need to cook it. The cook time changes depending on different ovens I use. Time how long it takes for the edges to barely start turning brown and take your cook time as being 30 seconds less than that.

Pipe a small circle as shown in the picture.

Bake them for 9-15 minutes depending on your altitude and oven. Watch closely, when they are ready they will not be browned.

Allow them to sit on the tray for a minute and then while still warm slide the tip of a metal knife under them and transfer them to a cooking rack to cool completely.
Allow the cookie sheet to cool completely before piping more on.
Repeat until all the cookies are baked.
While they are baking prepare the frosting. (see directions below) Carefully put some frosting on a cookie and then with evenly distributed pressure slowly siggle the second on top. They are very fragile and at this point will break easily so be patient. It's SO worth it!.
Frosting Ingredients & Directions
125g Softened Salted butter (softened to room temperature)
1 1/4 cups icing sugar (powdered sugar)
2 tbsp whole milk
Beat butter and gradually whip in half the icing sugar, add in the milk 1 tbsp at a time. Then slowly whip in the rest of the sugar. Whualla. Easy!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Satay Chicken Wraps

Tender, and TASTY. Give these wraps a try. I used leftover satay chicken to make myself an asian salad the next day. I love a good meal that just keeps on giving.

1 pound boneless, skinless chicken thighs, pounded/flattened, cut into 1-inch strips (Approximately 4-6 thighs)
3 tablespoons peeled, roughly chopped ginger
3 tablespoons roughly chopped white onion
2 tablespoons roughly chopped garlic
2 tablespoons olive oil
3 tablespoons rice vinegar
2 tablespoons crunchy peanut butter
1 tablespoon soy sauce
1/2 teaspoon red chili flakes
1 tablespoon fish sauce

To cook
3 tablespoons peanut oil
3/4 cup julienne red onion
1/4 cup shredded carrots
1/2 cup julienne red bell pepper
1/2 cup julienne bok choy
3/4 cup mung bean sprouts
1 tablespoon minced ginger
1 teaspoon minced garlic
Asian Mayonnaise, recipe follows
6 flat out wraps, (or naan bread)


Put the chicken into a resealable gallon-size plastic bag and pound with the flat side of a meat tenderizer to a thickness of 1/2-inch. Add the rest of the ingredients to a food processor, fitted with the bottom blade or a blender, and pulse 5 to 6 times for 2 seconds each or until well blended. Using a new resealable gallon-size plastic bag, add the chicken and the marinade, mix well and refrigerate for 1 hour at least. You can marinate this as long as you want overnight is fine, you can't over marinate it.
While the chicken is marinating, prepare the Asian Mayonnaise.
Remove the chicken from the marinade and wipe off the excess with a paper towel. Heat a large saute pan over high heat and add 3 tablespoons peanut oil. When the oil is hot, add the chicken, stirring frequently for 3 to 4 minutes. Once cooked through, remove the chicken to a plate and keep warm. To the same pan add the red onions, carrots, red bell peppers, and bok choy and saute for 2 minutes longer. Add in the mung bean sprouts, ginger and garlic and saute for 1 minute. Remove from the heat. Spread all of the naan with the Asian Mayonnaise and top with the chicken satay saute. Roll and serve immediately. The asian mayo is pretty strong tasting. Feel free to try it with or without the mayo.. the chicken flavor is fantastic either way.

Asian Mayonnaise
1/2 cup mayonnaise
1 teaspoon
lemon juice
1/2 teaspoon minced garlic
1 teaspoon finely chopped cilantro(coriander) leaf
2 teaspoons finely chopped green onions

In a small, nonreactive bowl, combine all the ingredients. Cover and refrigerate for 30 minutes, stirring after 15 minutes