Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Broiled Peaches and Cream

This is a favorite recipe that I have made since I was 12. Not sure where I got it but it became my responsibility at family dinners to grill the peaches.
A friend gave me some fresh peaches yesterday and I decided it was time to teach my own children this simple but delicious recipe. The best part it is has only 4 ingredients and it's really fast to make and eat!


Peaches ( firm but ripe. you don't want them mushy or blemished or they will fall to pieces as you broil them)
Shaved Palm Sugar (If you don't have that nearby brown sugar will substitute)
Heavy Whipping Cream
Vanilla Essence (just a dash)

Heat broiler on high (Australian - low grill temp) Line a tray with edges (not a cookie sheet) with Aluminium tin foil and spray with non stick spray. Wash peaches - approximately 1-2 per person, cut in half and remove seeds keeping the cavity intact. Whip cream and add vanilla essence.

Place Peaches on the tray with center facing up. Sprinkle with sugar so all edges and center are lightly covered.
Place under broiler/grill and watch closely. The sugar will melt and start to bubble. You want it to turn into a liquid. Pull out tray and quickly top peaches again with another light sprinkle of sugar. Remove from oven once the 2nd sprinkle of sugar is bubbling and liquified. Watch closely or the will burn.
While still hot top each peach center (they should be filled with the liquid sugar) with a dollop of the vanilla cream. This creates a wonderful sweet but creamy sauce for your hot peach.

Serve hot and creamy.

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