Friday, July 10, 2009

5 minute Creamy Bean Dip

Recipe from Linda Hughes
This is my husband and childrens favorite bean dip. It takes 5 minute to make and only has 2 ingredients (well 3 if you want a garnish). Use this as an appetizer for any occasion or use it as a fun way to serve your children chili.


2 regular cans chili (the original recipe calls for chili with no beans but I personally like the added texture of beans)
1 80z package of cream cheese softened.

In a medium size bowl mix cream cheese through chili. Place in the microwave and heat until hot all the way through. I like to do it one minute at a time and stir in between to make sure it's evenly heated.

Serve hot. With tortilla chips. I like to use scoops, you can pre-scoop them if you like or give it to you kids in scoops. Or just serve it the good old fashioned way with a bowl of chips and a big bowl of the dip. For a bit of colour garnish with small pieces of cilantro.


  1. My favorite chips to eat with that dip is Doritos. I know it might sound funny, but it is oh so delicious!

  2. I'll confess I haven't tried that.. what kind of doritos? just plain. Sounds good I will have to try it next time. :)

  3. no not plain, but the nacho cheese ones. Give it a try, it just might become your favorite!!!

  4. Steph is right. It is amazing with nacho cheese dorritos. It is strange, but that is how we always ate it as kids! The best!